,coma #2




For the second issue of ,coma, art historian Ignacio Szmulewicz was invited to propose a topic to work on from an editorial perspective.


In the chilean context of a social revolution that exploded in October 18th 2019, which led to a historical referendum to decide whether to change the national constitution, Szmulewicz invited 19 artists to work on the idea of the "2/3" (supra-mayority voting system).


This collective issue, was "launched" one week before the referendum.



Fernanda Aránguiz

Carola Josefa Aravena

Sebastián Baudrand

Lidija Delic

Edgar Endress

Ana Rosa Ibáñez

Kurs Collective

Sandra Marín

Paulina Martínez

Dana May

Azra Neziric

Elvira Reymond

Celeste Rojas

Víctor Ruiz Santiago

Maria Verónica San Martín

Carolina Sepúlveda

Isabel Tapia

Carola Ureta Marín

Amalia Valdés

Guest Editor: Ignacio Szmulewicz

Editor(e)s: Daniela Hermosilla, Jan Vormann

Design: Jorge González

Post-production: Luisa Rivera I.; Cristián Arriagada S.


Produced in Valdivia, Chile.

Edition of 200 numbered copies.


Ignacio Szmulewicz Ramírez (Puerto Varas, Chile 1986) is an art historian specialized in modern and contemporary art, public art, Chilean and Latin American art. He has published the books Fuera del cubo blanco: lecturas sobre el arte público contemporáneo (Metales Pesados, 2012), Arte, ciudad y esfera pública en Chile (Metales Pesados, 2015) and El acantilado de la libertad. Antología de crónicas valdivianas 1977-1992 (Kultrún, 2015). He was Coordinator of the Visual Arts Documentation Centre of the National Centre for Contemporary Art (2017-2020). He is currently an art critic for the magazine La Panera.