,coma #1

Presencia / Presence


July, 2020


Artist: Elisa Balmaceda

Editor(e)s: Daniela Hermosilla, Jan Vormann

Design: Jorge González


For the first issue of ,coma the editors invited artist Elisa Balmaceda (Santiago de Chile, 1985) to work around the idea of Presence.


In the frame of global pandemia and lockdowns, questions about how to continue to create spaces for collective encounter take on central importance. The printed page, in this issue, appears as an alternative to the virtual experience.


,coma #1 was thought and build in a context where there was limited access to materials, such as papers or printing techniques, and the result is an adaptation to this precariousness. 


Elisa Balmaceda (Santiago de Chile, 1985)

Visual artist, teacher and researcher. Her work explores the link between the human and the non-human through a material and symbolic research of landscape, technology, time-space, the cyclical, ecology and environmental degradation.