Dear Reader

Berlin, February 2016


During the month of February 2016, 500 envelops were distributed inside different books in several bookstores around the city. The envelopes contained the German translation of a letter written by Kurdish fighter Meysa Abdo, published in english by the New York Times in October 2014 (see here the english version).


In the letter, Abdo explains the current events they are living in  Kobane, an emblematic city of the Kurdish resistance in the north of Syria, by describing the situation of the fighters under the permanent attack of ISIS on one hand, and from Turkey on the other. With the letter, she makes a call to the readers to make political pressure on their governments, in order to stop the Turkish government to keep secretly helping ISIS by letting them pass weapons through turkish territory.


Meysa Abdo's letter was written a little more than a month after ISIS attacked and invaded Kobane in mid September till beginning of October 2014. The resistance of Kobane, lead by the People's Protection Units (YPG) and the Woman's Protection Units (YPJ) lasted around four months, when, by the end of January 2015, and with the help of the Syrian Free Army and a group of Peshmergas, they won Kobane against ISIS. Five months later, in June 2015, ISIS entered Kobane disguised as Kurdish fighters and killed more than a hundred people, most of them civilians. Two days after those attacks, the Kurdish resistance took the city of Kobane and its surroundings again. From June till this action was made, the fight between ISIS and the Kurdish resistance was still happening in the surroundings of the city of Kobane. In the mean time, the fighters from YPG and YPJ keep resisting the constant attacks made from both Syrian and Turkish soil.