Dear Reader

Berlin, February 2017


In the context of the exhibition Un-Working the Icon: Kurdish "Warrior-Divas" curated by Shawna Vesco and Anne Wheeler that took place between February 4 and March 4 in the Gallery Mario Kreuzberg, we distributed 500 envelops containing the letter of Sevin, a Kurdish woman living in Berlin.


As a collaboration with the exhibition, we placed the letters between the pages of books at the public library Mittelpunktbibliothek Adalberstraße, in Berlin, Kreuzberg.


* Many thanks to Manuela Morales from the Mario Kreuzberg Gallery for the invitation; to the curators Shawna Vesco and Anne Wheeler for addressing such an important topic and let us be a part of it; and, specially, to Sevin for sharing this letter with us.