Dear Reader for 39 Null

Dear Reader states that, in public places (such as libraries, bookstores or flea markets), the book also takes a public function of mediation with the audience. We believe in the book's capacity as a vehicle of ideas.


This project consists in spreading messages directly to people, by distributing letters in between the pages of books of random bookshops or libraries in different cities. In each city we address diverse issues, in order to include various political and cultural contexts. 

Each envelope is addressed to the reader with the sentence "Dear Reader", transforming him/her into an active audience. 


In this occasion, 500 copies of a letter written by the Kurdish fighter Meysa Abdo were clandestinely placed inside books and magazines in different bookstores in Berlin.

In March 2016, the german translation of the letter written by Kurdish fighter Meysa Abdo was published in the forth issue of the 39NULL Magazine, along with some context on the current situation of the kurdish resistance in Kobane.