Dear Reader

Dear Reader states that, in public places (such as libraries, bookstores or flea markets), the book also takes a collective function of mediation within the audience. 

This project consists of spreading messages directly to people, by distributing letters in-between the pages of the books in random bookshops or libraries. Each envelope is addressed to the reader with the sentence "Dear Reader", transforming him/her into an active audience. 

Dear Reader — Barcelona

The first action took place in Barcelona, where 100 envelops stamped with the sentence "Estimado Lector" (Dear Reader) were placed clandestinely inside different books in several bookstores around the city. The envelopes contained two Spanish newspapers clipping, which reported about an action performed by the German artistic and political collective Zentrum für Politische Schönheit (Center for Political Beauty). This action was made by Greta Rusttt in collaboration with Jan Vormann.

Dear Reader — Berlin

For this instance, we invited a kurdish-swiss woman based in Berlin, who raises questions about her own identity, as Kurdish and as a woman. We print the letter in 500 copies and spread them in envelops among the books of a Public Library in Berlin.